My name is Matt Christian.

Hello my friends and followers.

It has been over a month since my last blog and i am here just to give you an update.

This will be brief as i am concentrating on other things these days.

I am still in recovery. I am being helped by a carefully selected group of people. They know who they are and i thank them and love them to bits.

I have now changed job (yes again)! I have taken a new career path, one that has given me some peace in my life and also more time than ever with Number 1.

*Dedicated to those who are helping me

Peace and Love



5 thoughts on “My name is Matt Christian.

    1. Thank you for your prayers Penny. There are some days when i just cannot face the recovery process if i am honest. It just overwhelms me sometimes. I have days where i do not know whether i am coming or going. Confusion reigns which is not good considering i have so much to learn in my new job

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