Stick or Twist??

Hey guys. We have hit April. Hope you have all had a good week?


I am in reflective mood this week. So this weeks blog will be of thoughts and musings on life.  I have had an indifferent week. Many thoughts going through my head. I find myself at a crossroads in life currently.  I am looking for a new challenge in my career, in fact i have been looking for a nearly a year now.  Although it was only really seeing what was out there to start with.  It has now become an all consuming quest, something that i am determined to conquer.  I have no choice but to move on from my current position.  I am ambitious, passionate, and dedicated.  I hide none of these in my daily interactions.  I find nothing wrong with these traits and have no desire to let them go until i find harmony as it were.  Telephone interviews, face to face interviews all go on throughout my week. All ending in various degrees of success. I have been turned down for positions,  i have turned down positions, it is all a case of finding the perfect fit.  Can i afford to be fussy, picky as it were?? Of course i can! This is my life i control it,  i direct its destiny.

All this is done for my sole reason for living. Number 1. I work hard during my week and the 2 days i see her are the most precious days of my week. Everything i do is geared towards her, to provide love, support, and guidance so that she grows into the best person she can possibly be.  I am not going deny that i spoil her. Why should i? She is my flesh and blood and what i do with my hard earned money is my choice.  She understands the value of money and that no means no when wanting something she sees in a shop that i feel she does not need.  A great understanding is what we have, i hope that it continues as she grows into the kind and compassionate individual that i just know she will become.

This is all very deep you may feel. Yes i guess it is.  Through my own choices and decisions i have no circle of friends with which to discuss these things with. Would i discuss it with a group should i have one? Very doubtful. So why put it out here for strangers to see? Well in short. To get my thoughts out of my head and to stop me from going insane.  I write them here. My own space in this World Wide Web.

I find it very humbling that people read and follow these blogs. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  So in return i feel you should know a little of me and my daily life whether it be my successes or my struggles. We are all human and sometimes need to air the grey matter out.

Life is short as the saying goes.  Yes it is. So why should we not strive to make it as perfect as we feel it should be? We all have different ideals and beliefs which we feel would best make our time on this rock as comfortable as possible. There is nothing wrong with that. Imagine if we were drone like?  Imagine if we were forced to lead the same grey and repetitive existence day in day out until the end?  It certainly doesn’t bare thinking about in my eyes. Hence the reason for change is so strong in my mind these days. I feel i have become a drone and that does not sit well.  Added to this i want to better myself i want to become the best person i know deep down i can become. To be the perfect role model for Number 1.  Focus, Passion, and Ambition are my key words these days.

So all in all the question has been answered. I am going to Twist. I am taking control and going all out to make the changes i feel that are needed. Some are happy to Stick. This is a choice that i respect. I am not going to talk down to it. Sticking just means that you are content at the current time. It does not mean that you cannot Twist in the future. We all have different agendas as i said. Some may Twist in 6 months, some in 6 years the choice is all up to the individual. Its where they feel the changes are needed. Fair play.

This quote sums up perfectly in my eyes where i am at.


Have any of you guys played the Stick or Twist game? How did you feel? I would love to hear some feedback.

Peace and Love



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